Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Today on the Signorile Show

In a week in which we've had a lot of discussion about the draconian immigration law signed Friday by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, a bill which gives the local police broad powers to check documentation "when practicable" of anyone they suspect to be undocumented, we're perceiving a delay from some legislators in working on climate change legislation. It's an issue we spoke about with Bill McKibben, author of Eaarth: Making A New Life On A Tough New Planet, who underscored that the U.S. is falling far behind in comprehensive reform. And the oil rig blast in the Gulf of Mexico is also muddying the waters for an energy and climate bill. According to the New York Times, "Several senators said they were troubled by the accident and might not support broad climate and energy legislation if it contains expanding drilling without adequate safeguards." Will this disaster be a wake up call for the president and Democrats, or will they continue to cave to the oil companies, and pass a bill with extensive drilling as planned? Or will they do nothing. We'll get into it.

Yesterday, Mike told you briefly about an abortion law in Oklahoma, a bill which was vetoed by the governor but then was overridden by zealous legislators. The law requires doctors to give an ultrasound of the fetus and show the fetus in the monitor to the mother describing the hearts, limbs and organs of the fetus. The law makes no exceptions, having doctors also provide this same measure to incest and rape victims. There is another measure of the law, one that opponents say protects doctors. The measure "prevents women who have had a disabled baby from suing a doctor for withholding information about birth defects while the child was in the womb." And we thought Arizona was turning fascist? We'll discuss today.

Could Illinois be the next state that steps up for marriage equality? State Representative Deborah Mell went on WTTW's Chicago Tonight with her partner of five and a half year, Christin Baker, to announce their engagement. Representative Mell plans on making a formal announcement on the House floor, where she will make the plea to colleagues to discuss the issue of marriage equality in the state.

Guest / 3:30pm EST - Focus On The Family has made an announcement that Jim Daly is now heading the very radical, antigay group. In an article from AOL News, it is claimed tht Daly would bring a new tone to FOtF, but Jeremy Hooper, editor of Good As You and someone who has monitored the far for for a long time, disagrees and will join us today to point out why.

Guest / 4:30pm EST - Is morality strictly a human concern? Should it be independent of religion? Rodrigue Tremblay, author of The Code For Global Ethics: Ten Humanist Principles, joins us this afternoon to discuss the humanists ideals he feels could contribute to a peaceful global community.

When you went to McDonald's or Burger King as a child, perhaps you remember your father saying, "Eat your burger first, then you can have the toy." That may change for the next generation. County supervisors of California's Santa Clara County, which encompasses Silicon Valley, voted yesterday to ban the toys that come in a child's meal at fast food restaurants if the meal doesn't meet nutritional standards. Is this going too far? Could putting the toys in healthier meal be incentive for children to eat healthier or will they want fries with that? We'll discuss this afternoon.

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