Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Today on the Signorile Show

Mike's still on vacation. Today, Dr. Jillian T. Weiss is sitting in the driver's seat. She's a passionate LGBT activist and law professor who blogs at The Bilerico Project and has been working hard on getting the Employment Non-Discrimination Act ready for passage. Here's what she has for you today.

How is President Obama's relationship with the LGBT community going? The White House released a long list of the President''s accomplishments for LGBT people, but some think it's not enough. What does he need to accomplish this year in order to get LGBT people to the polls at the upcoming midterm elections?

Will the midterm elections in November change the political complexion of Congress for LGBT and progressive issues? Every pundit says that the Democrats will lose some seats, but how many? Will they keep their majority? What will be the factors that change the numbers between now and the elections?

The federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act would stop job discrimination and harassment against LGBT employees. It's probably going to pass the House shortly, but the Senate is tricky. Is there a path to victory in the Senate? Will ENDA finally pass? If not, what will the repercussions be?

Openly lesbian law professor Chai Feldblum was appointed to the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission two weeks ago. She was instrumental in writing and passing the Americans With Disabilities Act, and she was a principal author of ENDA. Can she help get ENDA passed? What does her appointment mean for the LGBT community, and for job equality?

Guest / 2:30 pm EST - Interview with theologian and activist Rev. Irene Monroe, who has a strong opinion about what President Obama is doing for the LGBT community. She's known for a focus on social justice for a sector of society that is frequently invisible.

Guest / 3:30 pm EST - Interview with long-time journalist and wire service correspondent Brody Levesque, who's talked to many denizens of the Hill about the predicted outcome of the upcoming elections. His intimate knowledge of the Washington scene is resonant and often peppered with fascinating personal stories.

Guest / 4:30 pm EST - Interview with Democratic National Committee Member Babs Casbar Siperstein, a long-time political activist who knows everyone that's anyone in politics. She'll talk to us about the upcoming House vote and, more importantly, how we can get to 60 in the Senate.

Guest / 5:30 pm EST - Interview with Senior Political Writer Chris Geidner of DC's Metroweekly, also well-known for his popular blog Law Dork. He's written about Professor Feldblum as a journalist, and he has some important points about how to understand this appointment.

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Sean Bertollo
Associate Producer

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