Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekend Back Talk

Some of last week's listener survey comments, some of which I read on the show.If you're a listener to the show and haven't taken the survey, please scroll down and click through on the right. Thanks!

Pittsburgh, PA (XM)
I find your show to be the best thing on outQ. I listen to it as much as i can when i am on the road. You always make good points, give good facts, and i do love your pauses. Keep up the awesome work!!!!

Corning, NY (Sirius)
I find this survey kind of odd as far as some of the questions asked. My problem with the program is that it is very one-sided and quite frankly, at times is not factual. I'm all for gay rights, but dividing the country instead of uniting it, is wrong. You have a national voice and I think you are wasting that opportunity to make something bad in this country, better.

Spokane, WA (XM)

Love the show, I listen every day. I really appreciate that you had a couple of guest's taking your place while you were on vacation, a refreshing change of pace. I'm not a big fan of clips of the week, I think a 30 second clip would suffice.

Clinton, MS (Sirius)
I love the show. I love the lighter moments for example pronouncing the name of an Icelandic volcano. Sometimes returning constantly to the same issues, (enda, dadt, etc.) gets tedious. I know its important but sometimes I just can't listen to it. My favorite is probably when there is an interesting guest.

Rochester, NY (Sirius)
I was amazed, but not really surprised at today's interview with the author of "Texas Tough". Sexism/racism/homophobia are all entrenched and becoming more and more extreme. I don't think we can get too much news about them. Forewarned = forarmed only if we get our butts in gear and DO something about it.

Durham, NC (Sirius)
I appreciate your efforts on behalf of the LGBTQ community! I work at Duke University and attend LGBT activities & talks to learn more about the movement and the rights of all folks regardless of their sexual preference or gender identity! I am also learning about how the HRC has been to push for repeal of DADT and drive a vote of ENDA through both the House and Senate in 2010! Your voice as powerful as it is on Sirius/XM, needs to be out in the national & local media in a fashion where you become the go to guy, so to speak, for LGBT political and social issues! Thanks for all you do! I am learning a great deal!

Calgary, AB, Canada (Sirius)
Thanks for all you do Michelangelo, although I am a Canadian listener I still find your American content very interesting! With that said I really think you need to ditch your segway music, it is so not "fresh", in fact it is down right painful to listen to! Please choose some music that better reflects you and your show!! Sorry David if your responsible for the show 's music but please make better choices :).

Holmes, NY (XM)
Your show is the reason I subscribed to XM radio:) It's informative and interesting and listening makes the 2 hours of my daily commute fly by....

Fallbrook, CA (Sirius)
I enjoy the show and was inspired to write when the topic reflected what the crazies are doing politically. Thanks!

New York, NY (XM)
I appreciate Michael's passion, commitment and intelligence. The LGBT community should thank their lucky stars to have him. I feel that I always learn something when we listen, and that I should be more up to date on events, facts and issues than I am. He is not perfect, but he is better than anybody else I've ever listen to, and tries to engage the listening audience to have a constructive dialogue with him. Woefully, many times they cannot live up to this. Recently, when he has read the listeners comments on the air, I am surprised at the weird suggestions and criticisms. I think they are listening to another show. On a lighter note, I think he is very attractive and I would like to know where I can find some gratuitously (or not) salacious pics of him !!! Just kidding (maybe not)

Toronto, ON Canada (XM)
We are new to satellite radio and OutXM. We usually have this on when driving...and what a treat after the usual stations with right-wing talk, bad music, and evangelical rants.

Harrisburg, PA (Sirius)
I wish that the progressives would more frequently, and more forcefully, counter the outrageous rants of the right. The Palins, Hannitys and Becks of the world, with their loud, shrill rantings, seem to get all of the media attention. Where is the response? Why do their half-truths and outright lies go unanswered? You do a great service, Michelangelo, by exposing the right wing blowhards. But where are other voices? If the right wing wingnuts are allowed to go unchallenged, too many people assume that they are telling the truth.

Munnsville, NY (Sirius)
I like your show, I also enjoy almost everything you say about Sarah Palin and Janet...last name I can't remember, but yeah it's funny.

Sacramento, CA (Sirius)
Been listening for about two years so far, and I appreciate your efforts on behalf of our community and your unwavering conviction of your beliefs. I'm happy with how you handle callers and guests, always pressing the issue and refusing to allow the more hostile people you speak to divert attention from the matter at hand with straw man arguments. I'm also quite pleased that you are critical of anyone who is deserving of criticism, whether it is the RNC, DNC, or the HRC. I usually get irritated when you go on vacation (though I know you need to take time off) since we lack your commentary on those days, so I was quite happy when you decided to start adding guest hosts to your lineup. I enjoyed Lizz Winstead and I'm hoping the other guest hosts you have lined up in the future will do as well as she did. Finally, since it doesn't seem to be a complete listener survey comment without this lately: You mispronounce "sword." The 'w' is silent, and you always seem to pronounce the 'w'.