Saturday, May 08, 2010

Saturday Back Talk

Here are some of the listener survey comments I read on the show this week. If you're a listener to the show and haven't taken the survey please do so by scrolling down and clicking through on the right. Thanks!

Dickinson, TX (Sirius)
I think the Show is very sensible and rather centrist. I don't believe it should have the liberal label that the right-wing
extremists give to it. I don't believe that the gay community of people is an oddity at all. The community should never be excluded from mainstream society as it is.

Indianapolis, IN (Sirius)
I have noticed myself really looking forward to
Michelangelo's Show everyday. I must say it is so, so refreshing to hear fellow gay men talking about other things besides sex sex sex. I was blown away and VERY moved by Former White House Clinton Aide, Paul Yandura on Wednesday's show! Everything and I mean everything he said made sense! I just pray current key players from HRC were listening when he said he would recommend peoplee act up and get handcuffed and be carried out of the White House if they had to be. After all, what do we have to loose at this point, it's all or nothing now. Thanks always for a great show Mike! David in Indiana

Victoria, BC (Sirius)
I NEVER, ah, let me repeat that, NEVER watch Fox News
because I'm worried there is a chance they have a sub-audio signal that will turn your brain to porridge. That theory sure explains the 2004 election!! So, I appreciate it when you present some of Fox's "Best Of", as you did today (Brown's terrorist statement; he's just reading from the Republican hymnal, Keep Them Afraid, Very Afraid.

Keep up the GREAT work and nail those bigots' asses to the wall!!!!!

Hartford, CT (Sirius)
I keep on hearing about this ex-gay issue and how the ex-gay community insists that being ex-gay is possible. The problem with this argument is that I could be called ex-straight because I used to be married and had children with my ex-wife and was living the “straight” life. However I would never call myself ex-straight because I was never straight. I was a gay man oppressed by society, family and religion pushed into a life that although seemed right to everyone else was completely wrong for me. I don’t blame anyone but myself, however I was young and stupid and easily influenced, my only support system was my family and they were all happy that I had settled into my “straight” life. The struggle finally came to an end in my early thirties when I realized that my ex-wife was miserable and I was miserable. I finally had the courage to say “enough is enough, I can’t do this anymore” and I finally started my transition to being the man I was supposed to be.

Los Angeles, CA (XM)
Your show is very thought provoking. Some of the callers you deal with are frustrating but you always handle them with professionalism and aplomb. I wish that we, as gay people, would start to be more demanding and tough about our rights. I am tired of being "walked on" by our government and religious groups and I think it is high time we stand up and demand the equal rights that are taken for granted by most people in this country. For example, the military. We need a study on gay servicemen in the military like rats need bibs! Why not take a look at the many European countries (and Israel) that have allowed gay persons to serve and see just how much "damage" it has done. Let their experiences serve as our "study"! The military will quickly find that integrating gay men into the armed forces will have no impact whatsoever! It's not like their not there already anyway! That said, thanks for listening.

New York, New York (Sirius)

Are you getting paid by JD Power or something? What the fuck is with asking about our cars? Does it really affect anything important other than being intrusive? Instead of asking about cars maybe you should ask about the
lgbt organizations that we support. As for the show, you are wonderful. One of the only national LGBT leaders with balls. Your analysis is first rate, you come well prepared and you have a keen intellect. The interviews are wonderful. You provide a learning experience for all of your listeners. And the listener call ins is instructive in that so many are very smart and have good ideas. I love you and the show but there is one catch. When we get done listening and are aware of the issues then what? Does each individual listener then just go off by him or herself to slay the dragon of bigotry? Each of our fingers alone is not much of a force, however, when made into a fist they become a formidable weapon. How about using the format to help organize the troops. People need a leader and there isn't anyone filling that role. There is no MLK or Malcolm. Unless someone emerges the gains will be lost, especially as the politics veers right. Choi has the guts but is military. Your DC forum just highlighted the weakness in the leadership. In fact it was weakness on steroids, especially that narcissistic eunuch Solomonese.

Collingwood, OT Canada (Sirius)
Hello Michelangelo. I love your show and don't agree with some callers, it's perfect the way it is. However, if you decide to make any changes, I'm sure that it will be even better, you can't please everyone. I don't mind how you pronounce word's either. You speak about all of these issue's, and people are worried about how you say "huge". I'll never understand it. We are getting beat up, killed, and they're more worried about how you say huge, human or the break music. Wow! Do you think that they really pay attention to the issue's?

I am a tran, male to female, I have four children. Two of which I raised on my own since they were babies. I know how it feels to be single parent. My son Kyle is now fifteen and my daughter, Taylor, is thirteen. What an adventure. I also became involved with another woman(when will I learn to say no-I'm such a stupid bitch at times) and we had two children together. Twins, both girls and they are very very busy, and I enjoy them immensely. They live with my ex, and we share joint custody.

Nampo ID, (Sirius)
Really liked the DC town hall meeting.