Monday, August 09, 2010

Pastor Terry Jones: Why I'm Burning Qu'rans on 9/11

Pastor Terry Jones of Dove World Outreach Center first gained notoriety when he held "No Homo Mayor" protests (and had another one last week) in Gainesville, FL, battling against the election of Craig Lowe who became that city's first openly gay mayor this year.

Now he has announced "International Burn a Qu'ran Day" in which he and his followers will be burning the holy book of Islam on the ninth anniversary of 9/11. I brought him on the show on Friday to discuss Islam, Christianity and homosexuality. Watch the video as he gets tripped up about the Old Testament:

Signorile: The bigger threats in this country are from Christians who want to see the Bible enacted as the law of the land...There are people who would like to see this country enact a Christianity that is very violent. If you read the Bible it has many things that are in the Koran. It has, you know, that people should be stoned, and people should be killed.

Jones: You’re taking about Old Testament and we no longer adhere to that because of Jesus…

What do you think about what Muslims think about homosexuality?

Jones: I do not agree that homosexuals should be stoned. I believe that homosexuality is a sin that leads to hell and they need to repent.

Signorile: Now why do you believe that?

Jones: Because we believe it is very clear in the Bible.


Jones: It’s in Romans, it’s in the Old Testament.

Signorile: I thought we don’t use the Old Testament.

Jones: Well, we…um.

Signorile: No, we only [use it] when it’s about homosexuality.