Tuesday, August 24, 2010

WND's Farah: "My Eyes Have Been Opened"

Yesterday on the show I interviewed World Net Daily's Joseph Farah about his battle with Ann Coulter over her speaking at the gay Republican group GoProud's "Homocon" event in September.

Farah eventually admitted that the left was right all along about Coulter and her lies ("My eyes have been opened") and had to acknowledge that his comrades on the right -- from Coulter and Laura Bush to Glenn Beck and Elizabeth Hassellbeck -- are now shifting on support for gays ( he said conservatives always "give up.") He also seemed a little bewildered about Prop 8 and its future when I suggested that the people might well vote for marriage soon as polls are shifting across the country. The right's mantra of course has been that the people were usurped by the judges, but now would they accept it if people voted for marriage? No, he said, but clearly realizing he was contradicting himself. At that point, he turned to Jesus. Listen in to some highlights from the interview.