Sunday, June 26, 2011

Less "Evolved" Than Dick Cheney?

It's Pride Day 2011, and as the AP points out, the day gets a big boost from the passage of the marriage equality law. It will probably the biggest Pride parade ever in New York.

Lot's of celebration in the air but we must also look toward the future: And part of that is focusing on President Obama's ridiculous stance -- "evolving"-- on marriage equality. He only gives ammunition to our enemies by being opposed to marriage now. After the monumental New York win, and the powerful push for equal rights by Governor Cuomo, and the vote by a Republican-controlled state senate, the president looks so far behind. He came to Manhattan to take gay money last week, only to tell us that what we just achieved is something he is opposed to. That is not just some minor point for us to give him pass on it. It is a direct assault on our rights. The president is now on the side of the people working against, while the universe of those working for us and joining us in this fight has just grown exponentially.

As I said to Politico, in a quote that has been picked up by CBS and others, "When your position on something like this is behind Laura Bush, that is a problem." I'd add, to use the president's "evolution" term, if you're less evolved than Dick Cheney that is pretty scary.