Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Vote on Marriage

The latest reports are that the marriage vote in New York will happen today. We've heard that before of course, but it does look like work on other major bills winding down and the Senate is going to take up the marriage equality bill.

Meanwhile, President Obama is headed to New York to raise lots of cash from gay Democrats at a gala fundraiser. His timing couldn't be worse -- or better -- depending on how you look at it. What the hell will he tell the audience? Congratulations, even though I don't agree with you -- but hey, give me some more cash?

GetEQUAL, Queer Rising and Join the Impact, direct action groups, plan to protest outside the event, demanding that Obama "evolve already" on marriage equality.

We'll be going live on the show both to the protest at 5:30 ET and, if we're on the air when it happens, to Albany for the historic vote. Could be a very big day!