Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Today On The Signorile Show!

4:05pm ET - Last week in Mississippi a new law went into effect which allows businesses to refuse LGBT identified people service, better known as the Mississippi Religious Freedom Restoration Act, the provision enables businesses to cite religious beliefs as a reason to turn customers away.  Sponsored by conservative Baptist pastor and state senator Philip Gandy, the bill was met with unabashed support from Mississippi's governor, Phil Bryant.  However opposition to the bill is widespread and a group of local Mississippi business have formed a coalition called “If You're Buying, We're Selling” which is dedicated to taking a stand against the law. The group distributes stickers to organizations wishing to display their opposition to the bill in their storefronts, letting consumers know that they're more than glad to serve any and all patrons.  John Currence, a Mississippi-based chef, has become one of the most prominent and vocal voices opposing the bill and he joins us today to talk about the law and the fight against state sponsored discrimination in Mississippi.  You can also follow John on twitter.

4:35pm ET - When most people seek help with addiction they tend to be guided towards Alcoholics Anonymous, however an increasing number of people are deciding to avoid AA and seek alternative ways to treat addiction.  One such method is currently being offered by the Center for Motivation and Change, which is part of a growing wing of addiction treatment that rejects the A.A. model of strict abstinence as the sole form of recovery for alcohol and drug users.  Instead, it uses a variety of techniques that provide a hands-on, practical approach to solving emotional and behavioral problems, rather than having people forever swear off the substance, a particularly difficult step for young people to take. Dr. Stanton Peele, a Brooklyn based psychologist who has studied substance use for decades and is a longtime critic of the A.A. model joins us today to discuss these alternative treatments for addiction.

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