Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Today on The Michelangelo Signorile Show on SiriusXM PROGRESS ch.127

3:35pm ET - According to most Supreme Court experts, by the end of June the court is expected to rule on King v. Burwell, which is the GOP’s grand attempt to destroy the Affordable Care Act and cut off tax credits for residents in Florida, Texas and 32 other states who now use those credits to pay for the health insurance they obtain through Healthcare.gov, the federally operated marketplace.  Republicans keep saying they’ll be ready to act if the Supreme Court upholds the big legal challenge to Obamacare, thereby wiping out financial assistance for millions of Americans in two-thirds of the states, but according to Jonathan Cohn, Senior National Correspondent for The Huffington Post, with the clock ticking down to a ruling, they have made no visible effort to come up with an alternative plan to the ACA, making it awfully hard to take their vows seriously.  Jonathan joins us today to discuss the case and the GOP’s lack of an alternative to address the problems that their lawsuit might create.  You can also follow Jonathan on twitter.

4:35pm ET - On June 1st key sections of the Patriot Act are due to expire, but there has been little public scrutiny so far of the congressional debate about extending or reforming those provisions, and what many people don’t realize is that under the Patriot Act, the government can not only access your personal phone and computer data but can also demand your library records via a secret court order and without probable cause that the information is related to a suspected terrorist plot.  Joining us today to discuss the Patriot Act and how librarians are leading the charge against the NSA and making your local library the front line of the fight against government surveillance is Zoë Carpenter the Assistant Washington Editor for The Nation.  You can also follow Zoe on twitter.

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