Friday, May 29, 2015

Today on The Michelangelo Signorile Show on SiriusXM PROGRESS ch.127

We're starting to see a big push in this country for legislation that would give women the ability to take maternity leave for an extended amount of time.  While studies have shown that it would be beneficial for employers, working mothers, and their families, there is also a potential for family-friendly policies to backfire for women in the workplace.  Claire Cain Miller, writer with The Upshot at the New York Times, joins us to speak about the consequences and why it could lead to employers to justify discrimination.

Late last week, the infamous Duggar family was hit with a scandal, when son Josh Duggar, who has been very outspoken against LGBT rights for the Family Research Council, admitted to molestation claims of underage girls, including his sisters.  The family and close acquaintances have been standing by the Duggar family, but there are those who have been in that life that are speaking out about the Duggar's behavior, saying they're not surprised.  Brooke Arnold, who wrote a piece for Salon, joins us to speak about how she "Could've Been A Duggar".

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