Friday, June 05, 2015

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Since the Supreme Court in 2014 broadened the Religious Freedom and Restoration Act (RFRA) the nation has been locked in almost constant debate over various state and federal versions of the 20-year-old law. This law which has been embraced by right-wing politicians and pundits — especially religious conservatives as a model of protecting religious freedom in the country may now in an unusual twist, help remove the phrase “In God we trust”  from U.S. coins and paper bills. Joining me today to talk about the new legal campaign being organized by an atheist activist to use the federal RFRA to remove the phrase “In God we trust” from U.S. coins and paper bills is Jack Jenkins the senior religion reporter for ThinkProgress.  You can also follow Jack on twitter.

According to recent studies, in well over two thirds of the critical cases in America’s civil courts, people appear without a lawyer, even though the stakes are often just as high as in criminal proceedings. As a result many of these people suffer serious losses in court, but not because they've done something wrong, but simply because they don’t have legal help.  Joining me today to discuss how the country needs many more lawyers willing to work pro bono or for reduced rates is Martha Bergmark the founding executive director of Voices for Civil Justice who wrote all about the problem of Americans being unable to afford legal representation in an op-ed for The Washington Post.  You can also follow Martha and Voices for Civil Justice on twitter

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