Friday, June 17, 2016

The Michelangelo Signorile Show on SiriusXM PROGRESS ch.127

With 49 victims dead in a shooting attack on Latin night at a gay nightclub on Sunday morning in Orlando, Florida, LGBT and Latino people all over the country are experiencing a kind of grief that only members of marginalized communities can fathom.  Yet, while these communities mourned, right-wing religionists pounced to exploit the moment for their own twisted agendas.  Joining me today to talk all about the shooting and the crocodile tears shed by the right-wing over it is Adele M. Stan a good friend of the show and columnist at The American Prospect.

After the tragic mass shooting in Orlando, Representative Sean Patrick Maloney of New York attempted for the 5th time to protect LGBT to ban LGBT discrimination in Federal contracting.  Yet despite this tragic shooting, it appears that giving LGBT Americans basic workplace protections is simply too much for House Republican Leadership who refuse to even allow a vote on the amendment.  Joining me today to talk all about the Orlando shooting and the unwillingness of the GOP to stand up for equality is Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney who represents New York’s 18th district in the U.S. House of Representatives. 

Beginning back in the 1970s and continuing through the 1990s more than one hundred feminist bookstores built a transnational network that helped shape some of feminism's most complex conversations. In her new book The Feminist Bookstore Movement: Lesbian Antiracism and Feminist Accountability Kristen Hogan traces this movement's rise and eventual fall, and tells the stories of the women who led the charge, restoring their radical work to public feminist memory and she joins me today om the show to talk all about the book and the feminist bookstore movement. 

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