Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Following up on their Barack Obama "madrassa school" fiction from several weeks ago, Fox's idiot morning show, "Fox & Friends," in their zeal to demonize Muslims and anyone who might defend them against intimidation and harassment, yesterday read a parody story on the air as if it were fact -- clearly having fallen for it because they had that will to believe.

The parody, an exaggeration and distortion about a what local officials in Lewiston, Maine had labeled a hate crime, brought in a torrent of angry, hateful calls and threatening, racist hate mail to the local schools superintendent.

We had discussed this on my show yesterday, having seen the Fox report, which led us to the parody, which wasn't labeled as such at the time. But unlike the zealous "Fox & Friends" crew we realized it was a parody because the quotes were so ridiculous and offensive. We then did some searching and found the actual story reported on several times in the Lewiston Sun Journal. I talked about this yesterday on the show and posted on it, but hadn't put it all together (particularly that Fox had actually used the parody as their source) because we'd only caught the tail end of Fox report.

But there you go, more fair and balanced news!