Friday, April 27, 2007


Deputy Secretary of State Randall L. Tobias submitted his resignation tonight, after ABC News revealed he was a customer of the DC Madam.

Before his current post he was runing the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, what amounted to a right-wing blackmailing moralism scheme in which money for AIDS relief in death-ravaged countries was tied to promoting abstinence and denying condoms. Reported Rolling Stone in June 2005:

Ambassador Randall Tobias, who serves as Bush's global AIDS czar, issued written guidelines in January that spell out the administration's agenda. Groups that receive U.S. funding, Tobias warned, should not target youth with messages that present abstinence and condoms as "equally viable, alternative choices."...
...The anti-condom order issued by Tobias is already having a chilling effect among the groups most effective at combating AIDS. Population Services International, a major U.S. contractor with years of experience in HIV prevention, says it can no longer promote condoms to youth in Uganda, Zambia and Namibia because of PEPFAR rules. "That's worrisome," says PSI spokesman David Olson. "The evidence shows they're having sex. You can disapprove of that, but you can't deny it's happening."

I really am just speechless.