Tuesday, May 01, 2007


A senior official with one of the Moonie organizations is defending Fred "God Hates Fags" Phelps. Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who owns the right-wing Washington Times, has been patted on the back by the Bush family time and again and of course by the Republican Party in Washington, which considers the Washington Times the conservative paper of record of the Beltway, though Moon is a maniacal ideologue with a frightening, wacked-out agenda and though his paper is riddled with racists and the like.

People like Frank LaGrotteria and Robert Stacy McCain are vile cowards who are closeted about their hate, going online to vent it while they ply their agenda more covertly at Moon's groups and publications. And those who give them jobs, like Moon, are dangerous powermongers. But the truly nasty, immoral bastards are those who back Moon in the Republican Party, including George W. Bush, knowing what exactly what he is promoting.

UPDATE: For those who were concerned that perhaps the post on Good As You was someone posing as LaGrotteria, the guy now confirmed it was him in an email he sent back to Good As You after an inquiry:

Nope its me...I watched all those shows and he keeps repeating on me...I mean I am not much of bible person..in fact over emphasis on Bible quotes can actually deter the listener from getting the point...but somehow his sincerity caught my attention...you know when person is genuine or full of it so to speak...he seems like the real deal so I felt it was worth listening and digging a bit more deeper...for example the civil rights stuff...of course any real Christian would not sit by and let that happen. likewise any real Christian could not stand by and let sexual sin go unchallenged..