Friday, August 17, 2007

Hollywood Reporter Pulls Merv Griffin column!

We just received confirmation from the Hollywood Reporter. The column was pulled "at the request of the editor." No further information. Am on the air, on a news break.

The story is already syndicated, in London, on the wires, but they've pulled it from their own site. See update in post below. Back later.

call the show if you have info 866 305 6887

UPDATE: It's back up, as several people in the comments have noted. The Hollywood Reporter's phone lines were flooded within minutes of it being pulled, by many of the listeners to the show (I happened to check it during a break and it had apparently just gone down, so we put the number on people's radios.) Thanks to all of you who called; you definitely were a part of getting it back up. Columnist Ray Richmond had given an interview online right away that got linked up quick as the outrage spread. This was totally insane.

UPDATE II: Reuters apparently pulled it, after being spooked by HR pulling it. And HR is burying it on their web site, even though it's the second most popular story. I'm sure there's more to this, and we'll flesh it out by next week.