Monday, September 17, 2007

Fox Censors Sally Field

Kathy Griffin wasn't the only one.

Brothers and Sisters is one of the favorite shows these days, and I was a fan back when no one was watching. For those who don't, there's a major gay character and Sally is like a P-FLAG mom. This is also the only major television drama dealing with the Iraq war, with one of her children having served in Afghanistan and now going off to Iraq. That is what her acceptance speech was about and Fox cut her out at a critical moment -- ostensibly because she used the F-word. Apparently, what she said was, "If mothers rule the world there would be no fucking wars in the first place."

UPDATE: Goddamned! That is the word she used, not the f-word, as I wrote; I stand corrected. Absolutely ridiculous. And it turns out to be exactly as the case of Kathy Griffin -- fear of upsetting the God Squad.