Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fox Does its Best to Get Ellen's Sponsors Pulled

This idiotic segment of The O'Reilly Factor -- with E.D. Hill sitting in -- presupposes that Ellen Degeneres has risked losing her advertisers over her announcement that she will get married, which is now a legal right for her in California.

The crazed guest, Laura Ries, an "advertising expert," says there is a "danger" to Ellen talking about getting married. Hill ponders something she finds more interesting: "How did a 50-year-old woman get a 35-year-old woman?"

Meanwhile, idiot Fox overnight host Greg Gutfeld -- in his "Greg-alogue" segment -- says Ellen should keep her wedding to herself, and that speaking about it is equivalent to talking about your "bowel movements."

UPDATE: The links only take you to the gallery of videos; you have to look for the the gutfeld piece among them.