Monday, June 02, 2008

Gay Marriage a Non-Starter for Republicans?

Despite the fretting among some Democrats that the California gay marriage decision will hurt the party's chances in November, some political observers have the same opinion I've expressed on the program for a while: that public opinion and the demographics appear to be at our backs for the moment:

"The presumptive Republican presidential nominee, John McCain, seems to have little interest in trying to take advantage of the ruling; he opposes gay marriage, yet has no inclination to demagogue the issue and knows this is a big-stakes, big-issues election, not one for focusing on peripheral matters.

He also knows it's a long-term loser for Republicans. One reason that the party's fundamentals are so bad in this election is the overwhelming shift of younger people - those between 18 and 29 - away from being swing voters and toward the Democratic Party; they are also turning out to vote in higher numbers. They're driven by concern about the economy and the war, as well as by revulsion at what they see as Republican intolerance."

That said, the fight hasn't been won yet. Donate to