Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Unofficial Larry Craig Tour

You'll hear more on this as we go. And you may have heard me talking about this on the show already: In late August we are taking the The Michelangelo Signorile Show on the road, in what I am calling "The Unofficial Larry Craig Tour."

We are headed to Washington for the LGBT journalists' national convention, then directly on to Denver for the Democratic National Convention, and from there on to Minneapolis and the Republican National Convention.

All three locales are of course known cities where Larry Craig did the nasty, hence the name of our tour. (And, yes, as an extra added bonus to all of the interviews and the coverage of the events, we'll do some fun reportage from those Larry Craig sex sites.)

In Washington, we'll be doing a live broadcast on Thursday August 21, a panel discussion about access to the political campaigns. It will be the plenary for National Gay Lesbian Journalists Association's LGBT Summit, at the NLGJA national convention.

And for the following two weeks in Denver and Minneapolis, at both the Democratic and Republican conventions, we'll be broadcasting live from Radio Row, interviewing politicians, commentators, activists, and others. And then each night I'll be down on the floor doing taped interviews where, if you remember the 2004 coverage -- particularly when we interviewed Alan Keyes and he called Mary Cheney a "selfish hedonist," making headlines -- we'll be having lots of fun. And as we did last time around, we'll be hunting down lots of closeted, hypocritical Republicans at the RNC, posing some important questions. I'll be posting lots more on this as we get there, just wanted to let you all know now.