Saturday, December 12, 2009

Saturday Back Talk

These are some of the listener survey comments I read on the show this week. We had a lot of fun reading these, with lots of people calling in -- particularly regarding Cedric in Wyoming (people said that no matter how much his views bothered them we should not ban him from calling in) and to explain how it is that they listen to the entire four hours of the show each weekday! If you're a listener to the show and haven't taken the survey please do so by scrolling down and clicking through on the right. Thanks!

Port St. Lucie, Fl (Sirius)
Love the show Mike. I listen everyday for the entire 4 hours. PLEASE stop taking calls from Cedric in Wyoming. As a black gay man, he is one of those cowards in the black gay community that is afraid to come out to anyone.He really makes me sick!!

North Hollywood, CA (XM)
I am a fifty year old lesbian who is so happy to have found OutQ radio 2 years ago. I have always wanted a gay show like Michelangelo's to keep me informed on gay issues in America and the world. I also make sure to talk to as many people as I can when you bring out a topic that needs to be brought to the attention of everyone. Thank you for the information. Uganda is the topic that has my attention at the moment. Can we say Holocaust?

Hattiesburg, MS (XM)
I listen to your show almost every day. I really love the show and the guests you have on. Your point of view can be a little overpowering sometimes but I can see your point. As an openly gay man in Mississippi, ( I came out when I was 12 with no problems, thank goodness) I have never had to hide my sexuality, but the part I love the most is I work for a VERRRYYYY Christian man that is extremely right wing, and I listen to your show on his XM radio. If he only knew what I was listening to on his radio. It makes me laugh every day. But I also listen to you in my car.

Georgetown, DE (XM)
I think Signorile is a genius at analyzing GLTBQ issues. He is incisive in catching the nuances that sometimes fall through the cracks in regular reporting or commentary. He has a sense of humor, which adds to the attractiveness of his presentation. I also like the fact that he is gracious to his callers and guests, yet does not let them off the hook when it comes to commenting on the issues. He holds people accountable and doesn't suffer fools or bullshit gladly. I strongly disagree with the listener who called him a demagogue, although he does have the charisma that is often associated with demagogues. The difference is, he has a heart and mind and isn't afraid to use them.

Ferndale, MI (XM)
I love your show. This year, I started working for an org called the Michigan Project for Informed Public Policy. We are a coalition of over 100 Michigan mental health/social science experts that provide education on the psychological experiences of LGBT people to the media, legislators, school districts, etc. We hope to shape affirmative public policy in Michigan (and we did in Kalamazoo!). As a newbie to the in-and-outs of LGBT public policy, your show has really been source of support and information. Thanks for all that you do.

Hermann, MO (Sirius)
There are times when your opinions and behavior frustrate me to the point of wanting to throw something and I have been very uncomfortable talking with you on the air, however, your knowledge of LGBT issues (or BLTG as some JoeMyGod "commenters" identify as) is astounding. You have to understand that for some gays in remote and rural areas, your show, and shows like it are the ONLY exposure we have to others in the gay community. Now here's the thing you need to know: Recently, my lab partner caught me listening to the show and now insists that we tune you in each and every afternoon that we are working together. She is a straight, married woman who absolutely loves the show and it has caused us to have some rather frank, interesting, and supportive conversations regarding the gay rights movement.

Edmonton, AB Canada (Sirius)

I am a fairly new listener to OutQ. I really enjoy your show, it is very informative regarding your political situation and LGBT civil rights issues. I am involved LGBT issues in Alberta and Canada and was the Campaign manager for a close friend who is a Gay man when he ran as a Liberal Candidate in the last Provincial Election here. Keep up the fight, great work!