Friday, June 04, 2010

Advocate Column: Out All Hypocrites

I had not had a chance to link my new Advocate column when it posted online a couple of weeks ago, but now the issue is on the newsstands and the column is getting a lot of response, so I am linking to it. It's about what we, hopefully, learned from the revelation that antigay California state senator Roy Ashburn is gay and what we need to do about it moving forward:

Every gay person who knows the truth about closeted antigay politicans has a responsibility to speak up, as Mike Rogers does so fearlessly. This is no longer an issue that is debatable. No one’s privacy deserves respect when that person is working against our rights, and none of us should be complicit in keeping the secrets of these detestable individuals. The message has to be sent loud and clear: You are either with us or you are against us.

Go and read the whole thing and let me know your thoughts. In related news, Ashburn seems to have modified how he will vote on LGBT issues now that he is out.