Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Ted Olson: Prop 8 Case Went Exceedingly Well

In anticipation of the closing arguments next Wednesday in Perry v. Schwarzenegger, the historic case challenging Prop 8 in federal court in San Francisco, attorney and former Bush solicitor General Ted Olson joined me on the show (full audio is below). We talked about how the case went, and where it goes from here. I presented him with the arguments of skeptics, legal scholars we've interviewed on the show in recent months.

We also discussed how the case, and his representation of gay couples suing for the right to marry, might have changed opinions on the right. Was an interesting discussion, and I must say that if you asked me just three years ago if I'd be speaking with George W. Bush's solicitor general about gay equality and how to advance it, I'd say you were nuts. But on LGBT rights, times, and people, do change.