Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Today on the Signorile Show

Republicans used the opening of the hearings on Elena Kagan's nomination to the Supreme Court by trashing the late Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall. We'll go over that and the other highlights and low blows from day one and now, day two.

A battle inside the Vatican, The New York Times reports, "between those who seek reform...against those who want to preserve the existing power structure." This on the heels of U.S. Supreme Court's surprising refusal to hear the Vatican's appeal re: international jurisdiction, which will now allow sex abuse victims to sue the Vatican and depose the Pope. We'll discuss.

BP now has a back-up plan to the building and installing of the relief well to stop the oil gusher in the Gulf -- which itself was supposed to be ultimate back-up plan. Does this mean they expect that even installing the relief well may not work? We'll get into it.

Yesterday, we talked about the CNN "Reliable Sources" appearance of Rolling Stone's Michael Hastings, who of course wrote the article that led to the resignation of General McChrystal. I noted that he confirmed an observation I made last week regarding why it took Rolling Stone to write this story: reporters from the the major news orgs -- the networks, the Times, the Washington Post, etc -- are loathe to report anything damaging about subjects like McChrystal because they're afraid of losing access and are probably likely to clean up quotes. CBS's Lara Logan went on the same show after Hastings, and basically trashed him and his reporting while defending the way she and her corporate media colleagues do it. Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi gives us a spot-on analysis of Logan's defense. We'll get further into it today.

And how could we not talk about the Russian spy story? Did any of you think this kind of thing was still going on?

Guests: Rod McCullom will join mee to discuss recent comments on The View made by D.L. Hughley and Sherri Shepherd and ABC's refusal to apologize. And Glenn Greenwald joins me to discuss the Kagan nomination hearings. Times for both not confirmed yet. Update: Glenn Greenwald will be on at 3:30 ET, Rod McCollum at 4:30 ET.

Did Queen Latifah come out at the BET Awards? This just gets to more of the silliness and hypocrisy that Pam Spaulding pointed out yesterday, which we discussed on the show.

And...will Senator Byrd's successor support DADT repeal? We'll discuss.

All that and more!

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