Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekend Back Talk

These are some of the listener survey comments I read in the show in the past few weeks. If you're a listener to the show and haven't taken the survey please do so by scrolling down clicking through on the right. Thanks!

Tyrone, GA (Sirius)
Just want to say thank you for educating and getting GLBT issues heard. Having grown up without any positive source of GLBT news or data, your show makes me more informed and because of that, I have a more activist mindset. If we do not stand up and speak out we will not be heard.

Glenn Rose, TX (XM)
Michael, how dare you call others (Glenn Beck) authoritarian. You are the most authoritarian person I listen to. You don't listen to others and think you are smarter than anyone else. I wish we had true diversity of Gay News reporting on OutQ.

Lewisburg, TN (XM)
I just love your show. The out-q channel is the main reason I've kept my XM subscription. I live in a VERY conservative area. It's encouraging to listen to people with the same views talking about things I'm interested in. Lets me know I'm not alone in liberal land. I feel I have more in common with gay/lesbian individuals than straights most of the time, as I was raised by a gay father and I now have a 14 year old son who (although he hasn't declared) straddles the gay/straight fence. He's still questioning. And that's ok. If he is straight, good. If he's gay, good. I just want him to be himself and be happy. I will be so proud either way. I AM so PROUD either way. Thank you for your positivity and for keeping me abreast on the latest issues of the day.

Wlliamsburg, VA (XM)
I disagree with most of what Mr. Signorile pontificates, but I find his arguments thought-provoking. He needs to learn much more about the real causes of the War of Northern Aggression. However, he is no more ignorant than most other socialists in the media. Mr. Signorile is one of my favorite left-wing talk-show hosts...keep up the good work.

Lubbock, TX (Sirius)
I am sick and tired of whinyass people bitching about the content on your show! There are 100+ other channels on Sirius/XM, if you do not like wtf is being said, or how it is being said CHANGE THE CHANNEL! Quit being a whiner ... I'm trans woman and have a 9yr old daughter who does not complain and WHINE as much as some of the listeners do. FFS it is his (Michelangelo's) show and he can do wtf he wants to with it. All in all I feel you do a sufficient job at presenting topics in a fair and balanced way.

Wilton Manors, FL (Sirius)
Just this. So often you cover topics that are so important yet so under examined. How refreshing to experience an informed , intelligent public figure with the balls to tell it like it is.

Boston, MA (XM)
I find that you are very disrespectful of your callers into the show and that is the reason I never call into the show. When a caller disagrees with you and they give you the reason why you don't try to understand where they are coming from but keep on insisting that the only valid conclusion is the conclusion that you have already come to. Even if I agree with your conclusion I don't agree with how you talk to your callers that disagree with you.

Tallahassee, AL (Sirius)
love the show and would like to say don't change a thing and the people that nip pick at you can go to other channels love you and your show mike keep it coming and i will be listening.

Dallas, TX (XM)

Your show is the main reason I have subscribed to satellite radio, starting 7 years ago with a Sirius portable radio, then 3 years ago switched to XM with the new car. I love the political talk, and the recent addition of the gassy, angel and turkey awards on Friday's.

Wilton Manors, FL (Sirius)
Been listening for a couple of years. Love the way you approach an argument, very logical and focused. OK, here is my HUGE pet peeve about your show... This actually makes me change the channel to the Sirius Left station and stay there...i listen to the show in my car, and at the end of many segments you have these "bumpers" to commercials which are so LOUD, like an explosion or series of explosions, they are so much louder than your voice level, which already has a big time! I find myself switching stations as you finish your statement before the "bumper." Truly annoying and cheapens the show. Other than that I am a big admirer.

McAlester, OK (Sirius)
You take more callers than most talk shows. This can be distracting at times as often the callers seems unable to discuss thoughtfully. I do enjoy those callers that do engage in thoughtful discussion though.

Palm Springs, CA (Sirius)
I love your kick-ass style. Keep giving it to the homophobes, the religious bigots,
and the hypocrites of the world. Great job.