Thursday, July 29, 2010

Today on the Signorile Show

It's been 100 days since the initial BP Deep Horizon disaster and two weeks since BP was able to cap off the catastrophic gusher in the Gulf. Now, there are questions from cleanup crews in the Gulf, claiming that they aren't gathering as much oil as they had when the oil was still gushing. Where has the oil gone? And with the media coverage dwindling down, how do we keep focus on reform? Joining me at 4:30pm EST, Lisa Margonelli, director of the Energy Policy Initiative with the New America Foundation, to discuss where the oil is and policy changes in the wake of the capping.

The ruling on the Arizona immigration law blocking the racial profiling provisions is a warning to other states. We'll continue the discussion today.

Congress is not only re-thinking its ban on Internet gambling, but, strapped for revenue, lawmakers are talking about taxing Internet gambling. Should the government be making money off of people taking risks with their cash in the middle of economic hard times?

Guest / 3:30pm EST - We've seen a lot of inadequate oversight and lack of safety procedures in industries like banking and oil. But while they have been the main focus in the main stream, the lack of oversite doesn't just apply to them. Kenneth King joins me afternoon to talk about his new book, Germs Gone Wild: How Unchecked Development of Domestic Biodefense Threatens America, in which he uncovers the culture of deception surrounding hundreds of biosefense labs that have opened since 9/11.

Think it's hot? It's only the beginning. A new Stanford study says that
heat waves and extreme hot temperatures will be commonplace by 2039.

The Vatican Closet: The latest in their hypocrisy: The Vicar of Rome has ordered gay priests to leave town, after a magazine revealed three to have been --gasp! -- engaging in sex acts. We'll get into the details.

We'll catch up and read some listener surveys on the show this afternoon, be sure to take it if you haven't!

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