Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weekend Back Talk

A few listener survey comments I read on the show last week. If you're a listener and haven't taken the survey, please scroll down and click through on the right. Thanks!

Audubon, NJ (XM)

I love the factual information that Michelangelo comes up with. His interviewing skills are fantastic. I'd be interested in having a segment on OutQ like Michelangelo's show that involves a Lesbian perspective...or maybe just a weekly segment as part of his show, to allow some conversation between the two of them as well as an alternative perspective. Of course, I'm interested ;). Thanks for being there for our community and providing a classy, informative, factual, and safe place to communicate and debate the issues that face the gay community!!!

Indianapolis, IN (Sirius)

I believe the Pentagon is trying to sabotage Don't ask, Don't tell" repeal with their questionnaire. The other day on the news Barbara Starr was reporting that gay troops were being warned: "You could be outed if you fill This out," which I believe is just a fear tactic to keep gay troops from from filling out the forms. Of course they don't want gay troops to fill out the form!

Attica, NY (Sirius)

I was amused by your comment last week about how someone pronounced his name. But under what scenario is "ile" pronounced "elli"? Shouldn't your name be pronounced "Signor-relay"?

Pinedale, WY (Sirius)

You mentioned today on the show if there are any atheists out there that are against gay marriage. I believe there are. No matter how hard we try to get rid of the influence because it is so ingrained in our culture its almost hard to get rid of completely. i believe it will take at least 2 to 3 generations before the enshrinement of religious culture leaves our society or at least becomes less influential on our culture.

Hugo, OK (Sirius)

The story about the Taliban was interesting but I still feel that as an informed citizen I can get this information from other news organizations. It isn't like I don't want to be well rounded and know about information that isn't specific to the GLBT community but again I can get that in other news show or talk shows. I listen to OutQ because I want a gay perspective and again although I found the story interesting this time I didn't get the GLBT connection. Still love your show.

Gainsville, TX (XM)
Mike just because we live in Texas doesn't mean we voted Republican. And David why do you laugh when you say Hugo,OK? I find both of you condescending to those of us who pay your salary. The people who but trucks that use gasoline and help provide energy so that we can listen to your show in our trucks. New York isn't immune from conservative legislatures so quit being so condescending to us in Texas and Oklahoma.

Broadalbin, NY (Sirius)
My husband and I both enjoy your show very much and appreciate your perspective and knowledge. I often learn new information through your interviews and commentaries and then follow-up with further research on my own. I appreciate feeling updated on current LGBT issues. Have been listening for about 3-4 years. ** Listeners who think you are single-minded or inconsiderate are unfortunately not as well informed as they could be, and I hope you never change too much of HOW you run your show. ** Keep up the fantastic