Saturday, August 07, 2010

Saturday Back Talk

Here are a bunch of listener survey comments, some of which I read on the show this week. If you're listener to the show and haven't taken the survey please scroll down and click through on the right. Thanks!

Parachute, CO (Sirius)
Living in rural America limits the news that I have access to. The information that Mr Signorile offers is super and a necessity to really understand what is going on the in the nation and the world. Thank you for being a big part of my day.

Royal Oak, MI (Sirius)
I would like to hear less of this show. While I tend to agree with most of what Michelangelo says, the way he says it makes me want to go all Republican. It feels like he sensationalizes things, he takes things out of context, blows things up. We need to fight gay rights, but we aren't going to get anywhere by alienating and demonizing the opposition.

Palm Springs, CA (XM)
I was pleasantly surprised by Jack in Arizona's apology for not supporting gay rights in the past. He is an honorable person. I enjoy your show! Thank you!

Portsmouth, RI (Sirius)
I was driven to complete the survey today primarily to plead with you: Please, please, please no more 'debates.' I admire your skills as an interviewer and value the careful questions you pose and the thoughtful responses they elicit. I changed the station three times today during the discussion of the Manchester Hyatt boycott, and each time that I tried to resume listening, I heard antagonistic, hostile exchanges. If I want to listen to people shriek at one another and accuse the other of 'whoring themselves out' there are plenty of shows taking that approach to the news. (None of which I watch.) By all means, engage various viewpoints. But please continue to play to your own strengths and do it one-on-one.

Vancouver, WA (XM)
Surprise Me. There are many Transsexuals who do not see themselves as Transgenders. Please try to find guests the have that view. One person that I would recommend is Susan (Suzy) Cook. She is a long time Post OP woman born TS, who was also a early feminist.

Indianapolis, IN (XM)
Mike, I wish you weren't so dismissive of callers who disagree with you. You always go out of your way to prove that you are fair, but even the way you argue with those who call you dismissive is dismissive. In fact, you're probably already formulating a way to dismiss this feedback right now! The way we can tell is if trying to be "balanced" you'll say someone else's view is their opinion while implying that they are wrong, but your opposing opinion is not presented as 'opinion' but fact. To color all of this, let me say that it's not so much the words you actually say, but more so the tonality which does in fact communicate how you are looking down upon anyone who disagrees with you. You're welcome in advance (since honest feedback is a gift!)

Las Vegas, NV (Sirius)
I love your show. Being from Nevada,I thought it was funny when I visited your website there was a pro Sharon Angle ad! (adsbygoogle) Keep up the good work. You are always a joy to listen to.

Flagstaff, AZ (Sirius)
Michael, you are such a bleeding heart liberal. Nothing wrong with liberal, but you don't have to bleed all over the microphone.We live in a time/place where we as a country need to be more selective about who we allow to enter the country. Time was that folks who emigrated here WANTED to embrace America. Nowadays, they want to set up an enclave where they can practice their language/culture/practices from their home country. They aren't interested in assimilating into American culture. To this I say, "stay home". You also have a way of cutting off callers who don't agree with you. By the way, I think you're HOT. :)

Hartford, CT (Sirius)
What some of the people are saying in the survey is accurate: David can be a real bitch when he answers the phone. I don't know if working at a gay station has rubbed off on him but the queeny bitchy attitude he has at times when answering the phone is frustrating. I have actually stopped calling because of his attitude. I can understand and forgive him when he may need to be short with people but I can't excuse bitchiness. He can be sarcastic at times when answering the phone. If I wanted attitude like that I would just go to the local store and get it from one of the working high school kids. Love the show, hate the call screener ;-(

Wichita, KS (Sirius)
I like the show, but often people complain about not being able to get through. Maybe you could take something from Frank's show, and have a segment of about 20 minutes, where you let anyone call in about ANY topic. For the call, you might find a new topic that you hadn't thought of talking about, and those callers that get through, would be able to say, that they weren't SCREENED out of making a call to talk to you. It could happen once a week, or even once a month. Otherwise, love the show, and yes DAVID does a great job.

Naples, FL (Sirius)

I've been listening to your show for a year and it's the only political information I listen to. I don't get into political debates, but if I'm at a social event and someone is getting on my nerve because they don't know what the hell they're talking about, I just say "Michaelangelo Signorile said such an such". OMG! I become everyone's hero. I love using your information to make me sound smart. I would also like to thank David for convincing me to tell my story on air. It was the first time I have ever called any talk show and he was so caring and made me feel very comfortable (although I was a hot mess).

Carpinteria, CA (Sirius)
You could cut down on the monologues a little. If anyone thinks Obama is supportive of the gay community they need to get back to reality. Repeal of don't ask don't tell will not occur under his watch. The Pentagon is laying the ground work to show that it can't be done this is being orchestrated by Sec. Gates and the "good old boys" at the top.

Owensboro, KY (Sirius)
I have to admit I didn't really like the show at first but my ex convinced me to try again. I don"t always agree with your views but do find you very informative. I am an older lesbian and grew up in a small town and therefore am not as comfortable about outing people although you do give convincing arguments on why we should.

Grand Island, NE (Sirius)
I love the show so much. I couldn't make the listener meet-up in DC but can't wait until you have another one. I would love to meet you and some of the iconic callers like 'Jay in New Haven'. Thank you so much for what you do.