Monday, August 02, 2010

Today on the Signorile Show

A battle between LGBT activists outside the Manchester Hyatt in San Diego over the weekend and the gay republican group GoProud which crossed the picket line, broke the boycott and held a conference there. We'll speak with folks from both sides.

The debate over a planned mosque near Ground Zero has taken another turn with a prominent Jewish group now opposing the building of the mosque. And Rudy Giuliani fails to disappoint, calling it a "desecration." We'll get into it all today and take calls.

The trials of Democratic representatives Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters come at a bad time for Democrats, as everyone has been saying. They also raise questions about motives, including whether black members are held to a different standard, and why Republicans like Lousiana Senator Vitter, admitting to having engaged in prostitution and now revealed to have knowingly had a man min who stabbed his girlfriend on his staff, are still in office. We'll get into it.

Lots more discussion about the Target boycott because the company gave $150,000 to an antigay candidate. But is it the right thing? We'll go through some perspectives out there and debate the issues.

Did Lady Gaga do the right thing by giving a concert in Arizona but condemning the immigration law? Or should she have joined an artist boycott and not done the show there? We'll ask for your thoughts.

Fox News is getting a front row seat at the White House. But is it a real news organization, like Bloomberg and NPR, both of which it beat out?

Why are European countries moving to ban Muslim women from wearing veils in public, while Americans -- usually seen as more restrictive and preserving of Christianity -- are less inclined to do so? And will that continue? An interesting question broached by religion scholar Stephen Prothero, and something to discuss.

These stories and much more, today on The Michelangelo Signorile Show!

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