Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bush Daugher Attends Marriage Equality Fundraiser

The fundraiser for the American Foundation for Equal Rights hosted by newly out former RNC chairman Ken Mehlman took place last night. Mehlman says this is just the beginning of his involvement in the issue of marriage equality, and frankly, as I've said in the past, he's got a lot of making up to do for the horrendous damage he caused, so it better just be the beginning. (Though he'll also be continuing to help the antigay Republican Party as well and has in fact contributed to antigay politicians.)

I know it's all good to have support, particularly within the Republican Party, but that doesn't mean the fundraiser doesn't feel creepy as well: Here is Barbara Bush -- daughter of George W. Bush, a man who helped bring us to where we are, pushing a federal marriage amendment and the initiatives in the states -- attending the event and supporting the cause. Yeah, that's good, but you can't help but think of the fact that these people got us into this mess, used us for political gain, orchestrated the brutal campaigns that harmed people across the country. Between Laura Bush's coming out in support of marriage equality, and now Barbara (not to mention Ken Mehlman) I'm certain George W. Bush never believed in the federal marriage amendment and has no problem with marriage for gays and lesbians. But he used us for his own political purposes, inspiring the hate campaigns, the bashings, the suicides of gay teens. How can we ever just forgive and forget that? How can we thus be thankful to these people for now trying to undo, somewhat, the hatred they instilled and inspired? I'm glad to see them helping out and they shouldn't be turned away, but it's bittersweet and, as I said, just plain creepy.