Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday Back Talk

These are a bunch of the listener survey comments I read over the past few weeks on the show, some of which we had some interesting or funny discussions about. If you're a listener to the show and haven't taken the survey please do so by scrolling down clicking through on the right, or just go right here. Thanks!

West Babylon, NY (XM)
I thought I’d finally take the survey and comment. Especially considering how important today is. My youngest brother recently came out. We actually had to ask him. A family friend had asked us if “he was gay?” We had no idea, totally clueless. It turns out that he struggled with his sexuality for most of his life; he kept it from the family for fear of rejection. He told us that he knew that he was gay since he was 12, he is now 30. He was always angry and depressed. We tried to talk or get him to talk with someone. He would have no part of it. We were always fearful that he would do something (suicide). When he told us it was almost a relief. Since he has come out, he is such a different person. He is happy and in love with a wonderful man. We are so happy for him and his partner. We love them both unconditionally. Thanks for letting me share. I love your show, keep fighting the good fight.

Macomb, IL (Sirius)
Idea! When you have a guest in the first hour include it in the replay instead of the fourth hour. As for those always wanting less serious topics, they can listen to the rest of the schedule. Thanks. Listener from end of November 2003.

Las Vegas, NV (Sirius)
Great show, and a I listen every day! I especially like listening to your guest hosts when you are away. Keep up the good work.

Durango, CO (XM)
I find that I will turn your program off because of the tone you take with the callers. There was an occasion when you read a listener comment and accented certain words ( in a condescending tone, when the opinion seems to be across the board.) Treat people as you would like to be treated, even if you disagree with there position. It's the golden rule. Thank you for your time.

Spokane, WA (Sirius)
Great show. I try to listen as often as possible during the day at my office. I especially enjoy Friday's show and the awards of the week. Keep up the great work!

Marietta, GA (XM)

I have been an avid listener for several years now, and I have really respected your opinion on "gay groups" such as GLAAD and HRC. I have come to see them as more just "fund raiser" type groups than actually getting anything done politically. Can you recommend another group that you support that someone like myself could support either through volunteering and/or financial?

Las Vegas, NV (XM)

I called in Friday night to discuss the topic of the word "gay" being used in a movie from Vince Vaughn. While waiting on hold to discuss this with you i was met with a VERY rude individual who apparently wouldn't let me speak my mind unless I agreed with you.Which I find weird because even though you cut everyone off when they don't agree with you, the majority of people who call in tend to NOT agree with you. Maybe you had filled your quota of the day that day, but to have your phone answerer argue against me, even though I still believe in my point, and then HANG UP on me, is ludicrous.

Boyertown, PA (Sirius)
Hey Mike. Right on with your chastisement of James in Louisiana. You were dead-on when you said that he called because he felt guilty and wanted you to convince him that he wasn't "one of them". You did what needed to be done and perhaps now he will think about where his own beliefs are and what they might be doing to others around them. Mike, so many Christians are blissfully unaware of the pain their beliefs cause to those around them. Most of their anti-gay sentiment is passive-aggressive, but that is exactly what fosters anti-gay violence and bullying and harassment, which in turn leads to depression, substance abuse, and suicide among LGBT youth. I really hope that you shook this caller to his very foundations, Mike.

San Francisco, CA (Sirius)
Michelangelo, when I hear people like James in Louisiana I want to rip my hair from my head, but then you are there to provide the voice of sanity, reason and logic all in a very soothing voice. Please never change. Please continue to get in people's face when they are wrong. We need more of that and you are one of the few talk show hosts willing to do that. Keep up the fight. Keep up the good work.

Chillicothe, OH (XM)

I love to listen to your show. Your direct, no-nonsense style is something that I enjoy. I especially appreciate that yours is not the only opinion that matters which is very different from most commentators. Love your show!

Georgetown, KY (Sirius)
I am grateful for the thoughtful, professional approach of Mr. Signorile in all aspects of his program and I'd Love to be a guest on his show anytime.

Marietta, OH (XM)
I also listen to the OutQ show on Saturday--Focus Group. (Did not see on your list.) Really like the channel and you should be on in drive time for the east coast. People need to hear what you have to say. I think there should split the channel into 2. One with serious smart shows and one just for entertaining dirty talk. I understand there is room for everything, it just seems to weird to go from Frank and Doria to you and then Derek and Romaine.

Loylsville, PA (Sirius)

You will stand befor a holy God who sent his son JESUS CHRIST to die for our sins you are deceived and will pearish in your sin if you dont repent you may not give a dam about the BIBLE now but beleave me one day very soon you will and you will meet the one you so dont beleave his word your an advocate for the devil and i pray your eyes get opened befor its to late the antichrist is about to apear on the world secene.

San Francisco, (Sirius)
If anyone says something is "Wicked" and they're not talking about the musical please hang up on them. You don't have to do a Derek Hartley hangup (Click dialtone) but you can do your ever polite "Thank you for your call" Thanks for being out there for those of us stuck at a desk all day.

Boston, MA (Sirius)
I love your show, it is always so current with our times and your voice is SO important. I listen to you every day on my way home from work and I respect and admire how wonderful your thoughts and ideas are. Please keep at it and never let anyone tell you that your thoughts and ideas are not important!! One thing I am big on is the relevance of TG issues as well, many of my friends are also trans and having a voice is always important!

Escondido, CA XM
Thank you for doing what you do. I lost my political apathy during the 2000 presidential campaign. Now I participate and you are my anchor. Because of you and Derek, I can't keep my mouth shut when I see injustice.

Houston, TX (Sirius)

Like most talk/interview shows, when a discussion gets heated, both "sides" tend to talk over each other to the point you can't understand either. I usually "tune out" when this occurs, as do most of my friends who try to listen. Other than that annoying issue, I love your show. Just remember, not all Texans are uneducated rednecks.

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