Saturday, November 27, 2010

Saturday Back Talk

Finally posting some of the listener survey comments we read on the show in recent weeks. If you're a listener to the show and haven't taken the survey, please do so by scrolling down and clicking through on the right. Thanks!

Los Angeles, CA (Sirius
I think you treat callers you don't agree with just fine...Still waiting on that chocolate tofu pie recipe ...Cheers!

Johnson City, NY (Sirius)
I will not be listening for the immediate future, and it's a shame because I'm a loyal listener of more than 4 years. Last night I heard the rebroadcast of your second "gays voting Republican" show and, sadly, I heard, for the first time, the intolerance, smugness, the intellectual superiority of the activist overwhelm the radio host - and it was really ugly. Basically, any gay who admitted they voted Republican for any office was vilified, called "stupid", called "greedy." I'm going to take a vacation from "The Michelangelo Signorile Show" for a while. To be honest, Michelangelo, last night you know what you sounded just like? The Christian Right - the intolerant bastards we've been fighting all these years. You need to rethink your intolerance and name-calling, Michelangelo, before you turn into the Fred Phelps of the Gay Left. I am so disappointed.

Riverhead, NY (Sirius)

I enjoy listening to your show because it shows me why it is so difficult to get DADT repealed, gay marriage and many other issues. When I listen to some of the callers, it tells me we are our worst supporters. When I hear GLBTQ people identifying as a Republican I see all the inner homophobia our community suffers from. All due to the attitudes of our laws, political leaders, religious and ourselves.

Tallahassee, FL (Sirius)
Heard the show today, 11/10/10. As a straight ally, listening to people who voted republican really makes me wonder about their mental state.

Gleneden Beach, OR (Sirius)
As an older straight woman I enjoy hearing another view of the world I might not ordinarily be exposed to. I have come to realize that the new civil rights movements are for the LGBT community and the Latino community (I can't believe that new immigration law in Arizona was written with the help of the private prison groups. thank you NPR for exposing that). Your listeners who say they voted republican because they are not experiencing discrimination remind me of the decedents of slave holders who bragged that after their slaves were emancipated they stayed on at the plantation because they "loved their masters". When you explained to Todd how he had no civil rights he didn't see it. I am old enough to have lived in the times when my sister's brother in law died of aids in the early 80's he was refused burial in his families cemetery plot in a catholic cemetery, The fear and cries that it was somehow god's punishment were incredible. Why would you elect a party full of people who still think this way. Anyhow, I love your show and usually agree or at least am challenged by your conversations.

Tibury, ON Canada (Sirius)
First of all, I listen as much as I can and have never seen any pictures of Mr. Signorile. I saw him on the Joy Behar show and he looked nothing like I imagined. Just want to say, what a hottie!! I would like to say that it is a mixed bag of emotions listening to the show depending on the topics. It just floors me with the mentality of some people in this world and especially in the States as you still fight for equality. I'm Canadian and feel very lucky, my grandfather was American and I sometimes wonder what it would be like to live under such bullshit. I love listening to this show as Mr. Signorile is a brilliant man and gets to the heart of the issues and allows free thought but shoots down the stupid! Love listening and will call in one day again!

Dallas, TX (Sirius)
I really like to listen to your show. You are very passionate and that passion comes through in a lot of your shows. I have to say thank you, Michael: recently you had a discussion about the use of the word "gay." At first, I did not have a problem with it, until I heard a co-worker keep using it to refer to things that went bad, or things that were broken. I have corrected him several times. He did it again last night and when I corrected him, he apologized for using it. He said that he would make an effort to stop using it and to make his teenage sons stop using it. Thank you again Michael, and keep up the good.

Grand Rapids, MI (Sirius)
Though I'm straight, Michelangelo is a breath of "Fresh Air." I live in an ultra conservative part of the country; my hubby and daughter are both Aspie's and my son is dyslexic so I'm no stranger to adversity. LGBT is another way of life with struggles I understand. I love Michaelangelo's thoughtful monologues, and usually respectful conversations with the audience.

Valley Stream, NY (XM)
I very much enjoy your insight on current events. You keep me challenged, informed and very much aware of current events. I also am very much impressed with the way you handle your callers, and with the man (sorry I didn't get your name!) who screens your call. There's a lot of compassion and passion in the Signorile show. Thank you for sharing it with your audience.

Fort Worth, TX (Sirius)
You get a bit edgy and condescending during listener/guest interactions for my taste. That Said, You provide a unique and valuable service to our community.

Indianapolis, IN (XM)
Michael, I love your show and the terrific job you do on keeping us informed and exposing hypocrisy. I listen to you, Keith Olbermann, and Rachel Maddow nearly everyday. I feel you made a mountain out of a molehill with the Glaad/Glee/"Tranny" situation. I can't believe you wasted so much valuable air time on this subject. YOU blew it out of proportion. I really think you simply enjoyed the attention of being in a pissing match with Glaad and being on Joy Behar show. Make a comment, state your opinion, and be done. Let it go! There are much more important issues you could be investing your time with. Again, love your show, love and appreciate most of your hard work.

Sac City, IA (XM)
Thank you for your coverage of the mid-term elections. I especially appreciated your commentary on the Iowa Supreme Court retention vote. Living in a county that had more than 70% of its voters vote to oust the justices, it is refreshing to hear your voice of reason and sanity. In the weeks prior to the elections, the robocalls were rampant; my personal favorite was being blessed by Mr. Huckabee for supporting his cause because I listened to the entire message (of course, when I hung up early, the phone rang again with the same message and would not stop calling until I heard the message in its entirety!) I do hope that those outside the state of Iowa know not all people are as closed minded as the vote would indicate.

Las Vegas, NV (Sirius)
Love the show, listen daily on my drive from Vegas to AZ as a medical courier. Only complaint is the talking to death of certain topics. I understand that many can't hear all the show each day and that is probably why you revisit topics repeatedly. Would like to hear more variety on the topics and maybe less about Obama and what he isn't doing and won't ever do. Keep up the good work Mike!

Hemet, CA (XM)
I really, really appreciate that you are actually talking about some of the things that get ignored or just covered up with stuff throughout the days. It is very important to me to hear both sides and to listen closely to what is being said and done by everyone involved. Thank you for pointing out disturbing facts, kool-aid moments, and (I'm sure at times) the other side of thought to help us down here to make important decisions about voting and communicating with our government officials. It's crazy out there, and in this frantic time, I am grateful for someone who is there to shine the light for the sane of us who don't have time to succumb to the craziness. So, thank you again.