Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Today on Signorile Show

Now comes word from Senator Levin that he is considering removing DADT repeal from the Defense Authorization Bill, though the Human Rights Campaign and others had said last week that speculation about that was "background noise." It looks the the White House intent on keep this from getting a vote, fearful of John McCain, even as they publicly keep saying they want one. We'll go through the details.

Sarah Palin's daughter Willow posting homophobic slurs on Facebook to demean a man critical of her mother's reality show, dropping the F-bomb. Is it a shock to know that the Palin family is contributing to the climate of bullying in this country?

Guest / 4:30pm EST - In what seems to be an epic story ripped from the movies, Steve Hendricks, author of A Kidnapping In Milan: The CIA On Trial, joins us this afternoon to talk about Abu Omar, an extreme Muslim cleric, who was kidnapped by the CIA 2003 and the event that led Italian law officials to put the 26 Americans on trial for a botched covert operation.

We've been talking for days about the new X-ray scanners and John Tyner, the man who told the TSA official not to "touch my junk." We got lots of questions and comments from callers -- from people who were angry about the scanners to people who were completely accepting. Many have concerns about the radiation level, while others just don't think they work, and there's reason to at least ask questions about both. And how constitutional are the new "enhanced pat-downs" compared to those prior. After reading a lot of on it -- including the stories of people groped in ways that seem to have crossed the line -- I have a lot more to say and want to hear more from you.

California has elected the first openly transgender judge. We'll tell you about Victoria Kolakowsi.

You knew this was coming: A "Birther Bill" has been introduced by GOP Rep. Berman because "people don't know whether Obama was born in Kenya."

Hillary Clinton fails to stand up for full equality when she's asked about marriage while on a trip to Australia and, unlike her husband, who has embraced gay marriage, claims it should be left to the states and she supports "hate crimes law" and "civil partnerships." Do you believe her? Or is it just cover for Obama? We'll take your calls.

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