Monday, November 29, 2010

Today on the Signorile Show

This week begins a final push to repeal "don't ask, don't tell" in the lame duck session of the Senate, with hearings scheduled and a vote scheduled.And John McCain is promising it won't happen, along with Senator Lindsay Graham. Meanwhile Arkansas Democratic Senator Mark Pryor is saying he's opposed to repeal because homosexuality is "a sin." is this going to happen or not? We'll go through the details.

Should Wikileaks have revealed diplomatic details and information? Lots of outrage, again, over the latest dump by Wikileaks, which is less focused on war crimes and more so focused on information, even gossip, about world leaders and foreign countries' intentions. The White House called the leak "dangerous" while others are defending the dissemination by the media. How necessary was it for the public to know? How damaging is it really and is the outrage justified? Do you have a right to know? Did the media have responsibility to publish -- or not publish? Lots of questions, and we'll put them to you in a caller discussion.

As Glenn Greenwald notes, the FBI seems to have thwarted a terrorist plot it created in Oregon. What purpose to these kinds of stings serve, and was the public in Portland ever in danger? Shouldn't the FBI be tracking those who are already planning plots against us rather than enticing confused and disaffected teenagers into crazy schemes? We'll go through it.

Guest: 4:30 ET: Syndicated columnist and author Dan Savage will drop by the studio to talk again with us about the phenomenal It Gets Better Project and how it has skyrocketed and what he thinks of the President and many others making videos.

Also today, our Holiday Book Bonanza begins!

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