Monday, November 22, 2010

Wish Pam A Speedy Recovery!

Pam Spaulding is one of the great treasures among bloggers and netroots activists, and someone I'm honored to call a friend. Many of you who listen to the show know her as a regular contributor, someone who gives us a lot of insight on LGBT politics, race, gender and and all the other "third rails" that the bloviators, politicians and pop stars are often stepping on. Pam and I have spent many hours IMing about the absurdity of it all, often cracking up at the computer screen. It's what I love about her: In addition to offering sharp political analysis she just plain makes me laugh. She does her job well and she has fun doing it.

I'm thinking about Pam today because she's heading into surgery and I'm happy to be part of a blogswarm sending her love and best wishes. My thoughts are with her and her wife Kate, and their doggies, as Pam recuperates. Please send her some good vibes and well wishes, and if you can, make a contribution to PamsHouseBlend as Pam is going to be on unpaid leave for a month. The work Pam does on PamsHouseBlend, in addition to having a day job, provides an incalculable service. As a citizen journalist and blogger she's done an enormous amount to foster truth and advance LGBT rights. We love you Pam! Get well soon!