Monday, February 14, 2011

GoProud's Chris Barron Melts Down

Chris Barron of the gay Republican group GoProud came on the show to talk about the CPAC conference and his group's participation, which initiated a boycott by some antigay groups and politicians. The audio of the interview, which was soon burning up Twitter because of his meltdown, is below. Let me offer some context though. Barron has come on the show several times in he past. My program was among the first media outlets to give his group any attention when it first broke off from the Log Cabin Republicans. We've had spirited but respectful discussion, as we disagree on just about everything. He seemed to revel in it, enjoying the back and forth, and certainly was not as angry and defensive as he is in this interview.

Not only did GoProud always come on the show when asked -- either Jimmy LaSalvia or Barron would come on -- but they reached out to my producer to come on the show at other times when we did not ask and we declined, as it wasn't the best time or was not about something we were interested in. I say that because Barron outright lied in this interview, claiming that he often doesn't come on my show (implying I asked and he declined), supposedly because of the way I treat him. That's when I ended the interview. I'm not going to put up with a liar who had clearly become flustered because he was caught in a contradiction so now was changing the subject.

Barron also told us at the last minute that he only had 15 minutes and must be off by a certain time, but then proceeded to filibuster during every answer. I had to jump in even if it risked appearing impolite. Otherwise I'd wind up with an interview that is like many cable TV news interviews in which the (usually Republican) guest completely runs roughshod over the interviewer.

Oh, and his comment that I have "4 listeners" is just embarrassing and silly: Sirius XM has more than 20 million subscribers. If even only 1 percent were listening he made a fool out of himself in front of a lot of people!