Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday Back Talk

Here are some of the listener survey comments I read on the show in recent weeks. If you're a listener to the show and haven't taken the survey please do so by scrolling down on the right and clicking through. Thanks!

Edina, MN (Sirius)
I love the fact that you talk about all issues, not just "gay, lesbian" issues and that you do it from our community's viewpoint. Thank you for being so out spoken and willing to challenge us to think "outside the box".

Norman, OK (XM)
I enjoy the show a lot, but sometimes it gets so heavy because of serious topics. It is nice when there is a little relief from some non-news or light news topics.

Los Angeles, CA (Sirius)

Mike, I don't think you talk over guests inappropriately. I think it is silly for people to think that because you call them a "guest" this is anything like a guest in your home. Are you having tea and crumpets or something? I think people should understand that if they agree to come on your show, you will be respectful, but the show is not a platform for them to project sound bites and spin information in their favor. You have a POV and we listen because we find your POV interesting! Please please please continue to direct the conversation in a way that is informative and not like the BS we get from other news and talk. If I wanted that I wouldn't be paying Sirius money every year!

Merida, Yucatan MEXICO (Sirius)
Love the show, but I'm finding the sound of frantic typing in the background as Michelangelo is speaking very annoying and distracting. Maybe it's because I listen with headphones that it is such a bright annoying sound.

Fall River, WI (Sirius)

Because of Michelangelo, I have learned to dismiss foolish, hateful talk toward the Gay Community. When someone makes a hateful comment, I badger that person and demand an explanation for the remarks. In most cases, it is the Religous Right Wing-nut mentality that makes the comments. Shamefully, I used to make those same that time--back in the 80's-I was not privy to facts. I held the same prejudices as the environment I was surrounded by. I'm not using that as an excuse, back then gays were closeted, I tell everyone I listen to OutQ...and I promote the show to those who have SiriusXM. I really can't make suggestions on how to improve Michelangelo's show. I'm just fortunate to have the opportunity to learn and listen. Thank you.

Fullerton, CA (Sirius)
I get a lot of my news and political analysis from your show. When you are not there, the "Best Of" shows are a real disappointment -- like opening a bag of Cheetos which turns out to be stale. Since your show is so "current events" oriented, it would be much better to have guest hosts to fill as many of your days off as possible. I mean, does ABC air a rerun of "World News Tonight" when Diane Sawyer is off? No. Neither should your show. "Best Ofs" should be a last resort.

Fullerton, CA (Sirius)
I owe both Mike and David an apology. You'll probably remember my "stale bag of Cheetos" comment about "Best Of" shows. As you discussed it on air, I heard David say it was "quite a put-down." I never meant it that way. I was trying to say, in a funny way, how much I look forward to a live show vs. hearing a "Best Of." :-) I've been a daily listener since 2005 and I feel very bad that my comment was taken negatively. I would call in to apologize properly, but I listen while at work and can't get enough free time for a call. Please accept my apology. I love your show! (and Cheetos too ;-)

Chicago, IL (XM)
I really like hearing about topical political discussions especially as pertaining to transsexual issues and discrimination. Following that are LGB issues regarding equal rights, marriage equality and DADT. It is a really good show. Thanks!

Thousand Oaks, CA (XM)

Dear Michelangelo, I am a devout Signorile follower. I think you have the most informed take on current and cultural events, especially from a Gay perspective. But I'm writing about something painful that just happened to me with one of your screeners. . I started by telling him that I didn't know if my question was appropriate or not. You were talking about intimate details concerning anal intercourse (the subject was The idiot Gallagher monster, and her ilk's seeming obsession with anal sex). So true. My question was, I understood why a man would enjoy anal sex, because of his prostate, but I didn't know why a woman might, but clearly they do. I've had experience with heterosexual sex, but that just never came up. I thought it was a neutral question, born of simple curiosity. I thought you might know more than I do. The screener said, with some hostility, didn't I have a woman in my life, and that my question was insulting. I was shocked, mostly at myself, that I might have said something hostile about ANYONE. I asked him how was it insulting. He said, I'm paraphrasing here, that he didn't have the time. Fair enough, but every thing he said was hostile to me. God knows, I can be thick sometimes. My biggest fear is that my question WAS hostile, and I didn't see that. I was also hurt by the screener, but it's not his job to make me feel okay, especially if I was being an asshole, and EXTRA especially, to anything having to do with you or your show, which is one of the staples of my day, and for which I have endless admiration I would seriously like to know how my question was out of line, especially as you were talking about the purpose of the sphincter muscle, etc. I really am feeling awful about it. My enjoyment and pleasure of your show has been tinged, at least temporarily, by this.

Walnut Creek, CA (Sirius)
You are doing a great job & I look forward to listening to you everyday. I still don't know why women like anal sex!! :) I wanted to know too! Guess I will have to call up Romaine!

Richmond, KY (Sirius)
I enjoy your show...agree with many of your thoughts...wish you'd reconsider your views on "outing".

Phoenix, AZ (Sirius)
I like guest hosts, I like radio reruns. I don't think you take too many vacation days. Great show, great discussions.

Grand Junction, CO (XM)

One thing I observe, the very thing that is condemned of the right/teabag/republican party is exactly what you do when discussing issues or interacting with callers. Yesterday you were talking with a Christian caller who said he loved you and didn't think he was better than you but you turned on him and said you were better than him and explained all the reasons why. It appears the exclusive beliefs run high on both sides. Yes, people believe in religion and tend to believe what the church leader preaches. I believe that the LGBT community, generally, is so sick of the religious faiths that condemn homosexuality, that whenever a religious person, even innocently, shares their views, it is met with the hate and anger we accuse them of having toward us. We want love and acceptance but vehemently oppose others views. It is a feeling of being stuck between a rock and a hard place. We want and deserve equal rights and we are in the minority so I understand that we have to draw the line, hold our ground, and fight to gain everything we get. I just feel that the issue can be approached with more education, more patience, and yes, more love.

Atlanta, GA (XM)
I was listening to the show about the Chick-Fil-A controversy. I will never eat at this place. My best friend was fired from there when they found out that his best freind was gay and he attended a gay pride parade with him. The excuse given was that he was not living up to the standards of good moral character for the restaurant. Horrible place.