Thursday, June 23, 2011

Today on Signorile Show

So many conflicting reports of what's happening around the marriage vote in New York. We'll g live to Albany for the historic vote if it takes place, but now we're told it's likely going to happen tomorrow. We're checking in with activists in New York and Albany, as well as journalists such as Paul Schindler of Gay City News.

UK activist Peter Tatchell is in from London, and joins me in studio to talk about all the great work he does taking on homophobia around the globe. 3:30 ET.

President Obama ave a speech announcing the early withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. Republicans are already criticizing it, even though Mitt Romney seems to agree. We'll go through the speech and break it down and listen to the criticism.

The President is visiting New York for a gala gay fundraiser. And GetEQUAL and other activists are protesting outside, demanding he go all the way -- evolve already -- on marriage. We'll talk with Robin McGehee all about it. 4:30 ET.

And more on the pilot's hate rant!