Friday, May 30, 2008

Listen: Jeff Gannon on Scott McClellan

This is a clip from my chat yesterday on the show with former White House reporter and former alleged male prostitute Jeff Gannon,who had written on his own blog: "I can say without fear of contradiction, that I knew Scott [McClellan]better than any other White House correspondent or Washington reporter." (Gannon, you will recall, had to get a day pass every single day, for two years, from Scott McClellan or his office, while a lot of other reporters had trouble getting any kind of access.)

This came after the the people on Fox and Friends (we call them Foxy and Friends), were talking about Scott McClellan's "closet" and what might "come out."

While Gannon, who is pushing the same right-wing talking points againt McClellan as the rest of the conservatives, said that his supposed closeness to McClellan was purely from working in the White House, and that he did not know him previously, he did not deny the rumors long on the web that McClellan is gay -- said he didn't know.

I found this odd, considering that Gannon has been outraged in the past at even the speculation about his own past, calling it horrible prying, and McClellan did get married in 2003, and Gannon, as reported back during his debacle, had sent McClellan a wedding card! You'd think he'd adamantly deny it -- as someone who claims to know McClellan -- and vehemently attack the speculation. Perhaps this backs up the observations of some that the Bush supporters are now going to get back at Scotty -- and try to smear him further -- by floating information about whatever is in his "closet," as Gretchen Carlson of Foxy and Friends threatened.

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