Thursday, July 24, 2008

Beatie Baby Sellout?

Trans man Thomas Beatie has made public photos of their new daughter in People Magazine today for an estimated $300,000 dollars.

We've been following the very public pregnancy of Thomas Beatie for the better part of a year now, from his ultrasound on Oprah, through the British tabloid late-term pregnancy photo shoot he did a few months ago, up to the delivery of Susan Julliete.

We've been very supportive of the Beatie's experience all along, but whatever your feelings about how they have handled this very public pregnancy up until now, does their decision to make their daughter public cross a line? Straight celebrities after all sell their baby pics regularly. And you could argue that Susan Julliete is a miracle for all the world to see. Do you think the Beatie's have gone too far? We want to hear what you think when we broach this story on the show today in the third hour.