Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bush Drills Congress

A frustrated Bush today gave it to Congress for not bringing up a vote to open offshore waters to oil drilling. Pelosi has ignored calls for a vote on lifting the drilling bans in Atlantic and Pacific waters, as oil companies already have vast areas available for drilling but have chosen not to do so.

Bush attempted to shame Congress saying they had let all Americans down and he once again pinned the prospect of oil drilling off the coastline to today's high gas prices for consumers, even though we have heard countless experts say that it could take ten years for that oil to reach our gas tanks.

Bush is pissed because he has already lifted an executive ban on offshore drilling that his Daddy put in place but he still needs Congress' vote on it. "All the Democratic leaders have to do is to allow a vote," Bush said. "They should not leave Washington without doing so."

Considering the potential windfall for folks like Bush and McCain, we wonder if he might consider holding them all under house (and Senate) arrest until they give him what he wants.