Monday, July 07, 2008

Bush in St. Paul?

We always thought George W. Bush would make a pretty lame and insufferable party guest- even when he was a drunk- but now Republicans are fretting about what to do with him come National Convention time this summer. It's common knowledge that most Americans are overcome with competing sensations of shame and revulsion just at the sight of W., but he is still the sitting President so how to give him a decent send off? We think he should give the keynote speech every night of the convention; sadly some Republican Congressmen disagree with us.

Some, like Representative Dana Rohrabacher of California, simply wish Mr. Bush would keep out of it, though few would say so openly.
“I don’t think there are a lot of people who want to see him at the convention,” said Mr. Rohrabacher, who is especially irked with Mr. Bush for his stance on immigration. He said the president “should stay home from the Republican convention, and everybody would be better off.”
Ha, W. is so radioactive right now even his own party doesn't want him at their convention. We can't recall this happening in living memory.