Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bush's Legacy Of Debt

Yesterday we noted the fact that the cost of the Iraq war was fast approaching the total cost of the Vietnam War ($686 billion), just part of the legacy of debt that 'ole George will be leaving us.

Now just a day later the LA Times is reporting that Bush will leave a record budget deficit of $482 billion.

The White House immediately tripped all over itself to blame the debt on the slowing economy and those darn democrats and the $150-billion bipartisan stimulus package for 2009.

Democrats immediately reminded them of Bush's large tax cuts and freewheeling spending (this was the man who never vetoed a pork-fat bill until the dems took over Congress in '06).

Sen. Kent Conrad, chairman of the Senate Budget Committee said:

"If we gave Olympic medals for fiscal irresponsibility, President Bush would take the gold, the silver and the bronze, because he's got the three highest record deficits ever (setting) records in every single category: 2009 would be the gold; 2004 the silver; 2008 the bronze."
We also know that Bush inherited a budget deficit from Bill Clinton, so let's see how they blame this one on him.