Tuesday, July 29, 2008

McCain's Computer Flip-Flop

Don't you ever dare question John McCain's technological manhood, especially after his wife threatened his machismo when she ran her fingers through his hair in front of press and said it was thinning, and he called her a trollop and that other nasty word.

McCain who just a few months ago admitted he was "a computer illiterate" who relied on his wife and others to get info online, is now doing a huge technological "flip-flop" and defending his online prowess. At a fund-raiser in tech-savy San Francisco McCain said he's "forcing" himself to use the computer more and more each day:

"It doesn't mean that I have to e-mail people," he said. "Now, I read e-mails"
The man who was shot down in Vietnam and glared into the faces of his captors for five years says he now ventures onto things called "web sites ... ours and the various media", and added that his staff is "constantly showing them to me as the news breaks during the day."
"It's not as if I'm out of the loop," he said. "I understand the criticism, but I don't think it's fair."
We wish we could see McCain's face the very first time he puts George W. Bush's name into Google and he watches his own name come up. Priceless!