Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Divas Dissed in Dallas!

We'll be digging into this story on the show today and taking calls:

Dallas gay bar owner, David Moore, is fed up with what he calls "drag queens" who act "like Divas" at his establishment, so he has decided to remove the "T" from his bar, Crews Inn.

According to Moore, drag queens cause quite a ruckus, especially on "Trashy Tuesdays" a weekly bar-hopping event. Moore alleges that "drag queens" have an attitude, have stolen money from the bar, hassled customers and locked themselves in the bathroom with guys (sounds like a regular Trashy Tuesday to us).

The owner's definition of "T" seems rather broad, however. When regular bar patron and local drag performer Ivana Tramp was asked to leave, she was told:

‘David says he doesn’t want this ... in this bar, trannies, drag queens or girls.”
It seems to us he is pretty much dropping the "L" in LGBT as well.

Tramp, shocked and embarrassed, is looking into discrimination charges and has organized a protest at Crew's Inn this Tuesday night.

There is an antidiscrimation law that protects people on the basis of gender in Dallas. Is it different if a gay business owner bans people within the LGBT community? Give us a call and give us your take when we break it all down in the third hour of the show (3 PM EST).