Tuesday, July 22, 2008

McCain Rejected By His Base - The Media!

John McCain who has often referred to the media as his "base", has had an op-ed piece he wrote, rejected by the New York Times, and his Republican watchdogs are yelling media bias! Oh wait, they always yell that.

In this case it's true that the Times refused to print the piece McCain penned, but to be accurate it was written in response to an article by Barack Obama.

Times editor, David Shipley, reasoned that Obama's article brought something new to the arena by discussing his plans for Iraq, while McCain's piece was solely a rebuttal of Obama's.

We know, we know. McCain has been handled with kid gloves throughout the campaign by his media "base". We are still waiting for mainstream news to pick up the story of McNasty McCain calling his wife the C-Word in front of press to puff up his bruised male ego. We are just as befuddled as the people in the video below.