Friday, July 25, 2008

Ex-gays Rock & Roll Their way through North Carolina

"Sporting a fog machine for its smoke and mirrors routine and an extravagant stage that would make The Rolling Stones blush, the “ex-gay” group Exodus International held its glitzy annual conference in Asheville, North Carolina."

... writes Truth Wins Out Executive Director Wayne Besen. Wayne who regularly updates us on ex-gay shenanigans has been in North Carolina with activists fighting back against Exodus' lies and intolerance.

Exodus leaders Randy Thomas and Alan Chambers have bombarded Asheville media with a slickly spun fantasy that gingerly sidesteps any reference to "fire and brimstone". We of course have spoken to Chambers on the show, and he is on record referring to homosexuality as an "evil agenda" which Satan is using to destroy the world.

All of this has been going on in the wake of hate-crimes, in Anderson County and Greenville, which have rocked the local LGBT community.

But Exodus' Rock & Roll show just kept rolling along as their keynote speaker author Andy Comiskey, who wrote a book that Exodus was selling, declared war:
“Wickedness is a reality ... And those with same-sex attraction that succumb to the spirit of the age, can become agents of that wickedness…When you claim healing for the homosexual, you have declared war. And people, it is only going to get worse; it is only going to get worse in the changing cultural climate in which we live. Ours is not a benign healing path, it is a call to battle."

Wayne Besen will join us on Monday.