Monday, July 28, 2008

Here We Go Again!

Hold onto your seats. You'll remember that in the year leading up to the 2004 elections there were so many color-coded terror alerts, we thought we were experiencing LSD flash-backs.

Now we get news that the U.S. is entering a period of possible "heightened alert" as the government has been gearing up for the Olympics and the upcoming political conventions. The Department of Homeland Security is "quietly" declaring the move, citing terrorists may have more incentive to attack now. (If they are being "quiet" about it, how come we are chatting about it?)

We do admit, we are feeling a bit nostalgic. It's been a while since Darth Cheney rattled his nuclear saber.

At this point we remain at yellow, or "elevated" as there are no specifics threats. (Duh)