Monday, July 28, 2008

Internal Hemmorrhaging

In what is still the first page of the first chapter of the book of dirt and stink that will make the light of day in the wake of the Bush Administration -- an internal Justice Dept. report (.pdf) released today, found that Gonzales' aides broke the law by using "politics" in their hiring practices.

We were first introduced to Monica Goodling last year during hearings on "AttorneyGate."

Now her name shows up all over this DOJ report. It seems Goodling was quite a Human Resources Nazi when it came to screening potential employees, invoking a system of grilling interviews and Internet searches (for words such as "homosexual", "guns", "abortion" "Florida re-count") in an attempt to classify people as liberal or conservative.(You may want to go block your MySpace and Facebook profiles before considering any job interview at this point).

In one instance Goodling nipped the career of a female prosecutor in the bud, believing she was a lesbian. In another, while interviewing a woman for a prosecutors position she wrote these notes in the margin: “pro-God in public life,” and "pro-marriage, anti-civil union.” This person was hired. No, really. She was.

Of course you'll recall that when Gonzales testified he said he was unaware of such practices. We don't believe him, but give him the benefit of the doubt, 'cause as far as we know, no water-boarding has been reported in DOJ hiring practices, yet.